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Nissan Navara LE 2007 (Aventura)

with Premium Pack and Hi-Tech Pack

"Diesel, when 'Smokin' is never a dirty word"

Mail: diesel(at)ezra(dot)se

Exterior overview


Grille Bar with triple Driving Lamps
Bonnet Guard

Wind Deflectors

Chrome finish Bed Rails

High mounted LED Stop Lamp
Rolltop Bed Cover

Front Bumper Molding
Dual Back-up Lights


Body Side Molding
Antennas for ham radio, 144 and 432 Mhz

Close-up look of Shortwave Antenna Mounting.
Made in Stainless Steel
Shortwave Antenna

Extra bed sealing

Above. Added a "P-shape" rubber seal at the bottom gap.

Left. Added a rubber strip om both sides of the bed.


Tailgate Damper
from EZdown

Two sensors on each side of the
bumper step pointing left resp. right.


Reverse parkning Assist in-cab panel